Farley’s Date of Birth was December 5, 2005.
His full name – official registered name is Autumnfire’s Farley Gem, born in Haileybury.

He was so much more than his name might imply. True to the Havanese breed, he was loving, affectionate and playful, as well as the consummate companion, entertainer and loyal friend. He loved everyone and his antics always kept us laughing.
One morning as I was getting ready for work, he trotted out of our bedroom and into the family room with a toilet paper roll stuck on his little snout. On further investigation I found the bathroom floor covered in the toilet paper.
He loved Kleenex and another day he pranced out to the family room entangled in my bra after searching through my discarded daytime clothes in search of a Kleenex in my sleeve. Honestly it wasn’t in my bra!!

He loved coming for walks with me and my friends around “the loop” at Lake Talon. One day we surprised a bear leaving the raspberry patch. Thankfully the bear was quickly retreating and had a good lead but Farley chased and told him to “take off”. That’s my boy!

He would love to snuggle up between us as he slept and when 10:00 o’clock at night came, he would come and get me to go to bed. He was happy when he had the whole family tucked in.

Forever in our Hearts!