You have several options for the aftercare of your pet. You may choose to take your pet home for burial, communal cremation, or private cremation. We also offer ink paw prints and hair clippings at no additional cost. We may also obtain a pawprint mold for you where you can then get it finished through PearTree Impressions for a fee or you can get one done through Gateway Pet Memorial. Visit these websites for more information: and

We use Gateway Pet Memorial for our cremation services. For more information on their company please visit their webpage

If you choose communal cremation your pet is handled with dignity and respect and is cremated with other beloved ones. Your companion’s cremains are scattered on their Pathway to Life Walkway overlooking the beautiful Ottawa River.
If you choose private cremation your faithful companion is the sole pet tenderly placed in the crematory, ensuring that the ashes of your treasured family member is returned to you. His/her ashes are safely placed in your choice of one of their standard urns. A signed certificate and engraved identification tag accompanies him/her home.
In regards to Urns, Gateway Memorial Services provides a few options for standard urns that are included in the price of the cremation or you can choose from a vast variety of urns for an additional cost. Visit their website to see a vast variety of options and prices