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Pet Trust 

Farley Foundation 

Dental Health

Hill’s Dental Health 

Veterinary Oral Health Council 

Financing Assistance

Pet Card 

Getting a New Pet

 Selecting a Dog 

Selecting a Cat 

Cost of owning a cat or dog 

A dog owner’s handbook

A cat owner’s handbook 


Veterinary Partner

Pet Education 

Health Alerts

Pet Poison Helpline 

Toxic and Non-toxic Plants Database 


Microchip 4 Solutions 

CKC Microchip Recovery 


 Royal Canin 

Hill’s Pet 


American Heartworm Society 

Worms and Germs 

Companion Animal Parasite Council

Pets and Parasites

Dogs and Ticks 

Pet Insurance

Pet Secure

PC Pet Insurance 


Pet Licence and By – Laws

North Bay By Laws – search animals

Callander By Laws 

North Bay Humane Society 

*Pet licenses and/or tags can be purchased at your township or city hall with proof of rabies vaccine.  Refer to your city or town’s website for further details.

Support References

If you have suffered a recent loss of your pet and require bereavement and grief counselling, please feel free to visit our website for further information.

Safe Pet (volunteer program who take in pets that belong to women who are residents of VAW shelters)