Adding a new pet to your family brings great excitement, fun, laughter and unconditional love. Along with the joy and responsibility of owning a dog or cat come the expenses. Taking in account the cost of pet ownership will ensure you are prepared to care for your pet, while avoiding unnecessary surprises, especially when accidents and/or illnesses occur. Available diagnostic procedures and treatments have become extremely advanced and can be expensive. The cost of delivering these diagnostic procedures and treatments is comparable to human medicine. There is however, a difference. While OHIP covers most if not all of these expenses for humans, there is no OHIP coverage for your pet. This is why pet insurance is such a great idea and highly recommended for your pet.

Here at Shannondale Pet Hospital we offer assistance with setting up pet insurance with Trupanion and offer a 4 week trial of free pet insurance when our veterinarian has completed a physical exam on your pet.

Trupanion currently offers lifelong coverage from birth with 90% reimbursement and no payout limits. They also provide easy and stress free claim submission and offer direct to vet payment where they pay your pet’s veterinary bills directly to us. All you have to do is pay your portion of the bill at checkout.
Contact our staff for further information and/or to sign up. For further information on Trupanion visit the following website

One of our clients currently has pet insurance for their beloved Angus which has proven to pay off and allow them to treat him for severe allergies. They wanted to share their experience so read their story below. When Angus was about six months old, we have enrolled him with Trupanion and we have been FOREVER grateful since!

At the age of one, Angus started showing signs of allergies with chronic ear infections, skin rashes, hair loss, and extreme itchiness. Angus has gone through multiple tests and medications to diagnose and treat his allergies. Having financial safety through medical insurance has helped us alleviate the stress of making hard financial decisions and provide relief to Angus with the best medical care he could get.

In the last 6 ½ years, his Trupanion policy has paid $6,133.23 of our veterinary bills. Angus’ allergy treatment costs $510.93 every couple months, and his insurance covers $406.94 of this bill with direct payment!

Angus is now 7 years old and his allergies have been controlled better than ever!

Cindy and Rob M.